What are your thoughts on converting 22nd Ave to one-way?

One of the proposed recommendations is to convert 22nd Ave to one-way between Newland St. and Pierce St. This would help improve the flow of traffic and reduce safety concerns from cars turning left out of the school drop off area.

What are your thoughts on the Edgewater Elementary parking lot improvements?

The community has expressed concerns with the drop-off and pick-up procedures in the Edgewater Elementary School parking lot. The proposed recommendation would make the parking lot one-way. Cars would enter on the western side of the lot. The one-way would have two lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction. The two lanes would merge together in front of the proposed "hug and go" operation, in which families drop off and pick up their students without parking or leaving their car. The one lane then splits back into two lanes to exit the eastern side of the lot - one lane to turn left on 24th Ave and one lane to go straight onto Chase St. or right on 24th Ave.