Edgewater School Transportation Plan

The Denver Regional Council of Governments, in partnership with Jefferson County School District and the City of Edgewater, and with support from Edgewater Collective and Y2K Engineering, has developed the Edgewater School Transportation Plan. This plan is part of DRCOG's Community-Based Transportation Planning pilot program, aimed at improving transportation safety, mobility, and connectivity in historically underserved areas.

Following the closure of Molholm Elementary School at the end of the 2022/2023 school year, attendance increased at Lumberg and Edgewater Elementary Schools. These changes in enrollment and changes to the traffic patterns around the schools resulted in greater need to develop a plan to get students to school safely. This plan focuses on improving safety and mobility around Edgewater and Lumberg Elementary Schools. The goal of this planning effort was to identify infrastructure and programmatic solutions that would make travel to the schools safer and easier for students and their families. This plan also sought to address neighborhood traffic and road safety concerns for neighborhoods surrounding the two elementary schools. This plan was developed in close partnership with the school principals and Edgewater city staff through existing conditions analysis, school observations and community input.

The final Edgewater School Transportation Plan is available on DRCOG's Community-Based Transportation Planning webpage.