Edgewater School Transportation Project Pop-up Demonstration!

Starting April 9th, there will be a pop-up demonstration at Lumberg Elementary for several weeks. The goal is to improve safety, traffic flow, and the time it takes for parents and guardians to pick-up and drop-off their children at school. For this pop-up, temporary infrastructure and signage will be used to trial changes to the flow of traffic near Lumberg Elementary.

The pop-up will include:

  1. One-Way: W 22nd Ave Transforming W 22nd Ave into a one-way street going west from Newland St. to Pierce St.
  2. Hug & Go: Creating a student "hug & go" pick-up and drop-off procedure at the curb in the school parking lot off W 22nd Ave.
  3. Prohibiting left turn: Prohibiting the left-hand turn from Pierce St. onto W 22nd Ave by adding temporary infrastructure to prevent this left turn.
  4. Crosswalk update: Moving the crossing guard to W 22nd Ave and Pierce and removing the crosswalk on W 22nd Ave at the alleyway between Pierce St and Otis St.

Follow the link below to share your thoughts on the pop-up demonstration project!